Neer Systems is a self-funded entrepreneurial start-up based in Pune, India

Neer Systems is growing plant cultivated by three dynamic, talented, self-motivated engineers with a dream to contribute to nation & make every individual proud of its presence.

Our Services

Web Development

A beautiful design always starts with the creative thought. We nurture & craft your thoughts with pertinent lines of code. Our design focus enhances your brand, usability and proves to create germane experiences.

Custom Software Development

We understand your business processes, systems & its importance. Therefore we develop tailored software specifically for each of your needs.

Technical Consulting

We believe, "If you are good at something, never do it for free." We know how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives.

Support & Maintenance

Neer's Technical Support Services is designed to help increase the productivity of your IT staff and end users. With Neer, you can simplify your support strategy and experience increased IT environment availability.

Why Us?

Neer Systems believes in providing the highest quality services & products on the market today.

We bring the efficiencies and analytics used by large corporations to small and medium size businesses, without the associated costs.

At Neer, we have passion for technology, love for work & pride of happiness(with lucrative profits!!). ☺